From My Cold Dead Hands

by Frigid Giant

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released May 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Frigid Giant Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Native


Beat Maker

Devourer of Worlds

Polar Nation Originals

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Track Name: Intro
flavonoids on robust,
nobody coulda told us,
when you grow in age that you gotta go and show rust,
yo hush this the giant with the fee fi focus,
you aint allowed in these Buff streets like Joe Buds,
my man said you gotta stack content,
this the volume that'll crack up continents,
I act incompetent thats my common sense,
im on a path so let the comet commence,
you can save your comic comments,
cuz when I'm done a kamikaze couldn't bomb up this set,
yo I'm honest to death,
I probably won't even stop til I drop outta breath,
and I got nothing left,
nothing to lose,
nothing to hide,
I'll face the torture 'til the vengeance is mine,
I was born ambitious my desire is vicious,
I will fuck up your life If you try to forbid it,
yo this time is a priveledge, my design is malicious,
definition of a man they call "Frigid",
I've seen the goblins labor in their odd behaviors,
while they beg for favors from a godless savior,
in this world you gotta keep your hand at eye level,
deny devils and keep the primed metal,
and don't break bread with cats you aint starve with,
their ass is ghost when on comes the hardship,
and your soul burns the longest,
until you let go of all your belongings,
this is the art of the phoenix,
the reason revealing your relevance,
for a hell of an evening,
sounds ambiguous but eloquent,
and naturally I find your presence demeaning,
suckerfish get suckerpunched they suffer hits,
barracuda slap then uppercut "Get off my bus bitch"
as i conduct this
you sit back smoke choke then recover quick
yo this blunt rips, I deconstruct the world around,
the barriers forged,
the waves of sound,
our fears brought forth then chained and bound,
our voices heard until they were drowned,
this light that shines came crashing down,
from out those flames...
our face was found
Track Name: Shuma Gorath
1st Verse
See I bounced back from the tipping point,
chisel tip with that real shit,
half the time I feel annoyed,
there's a billion rappers,
that's two billion stories,
most about blunt wraps,
mine's about the guts and the glory,
if it's death before dishonor,
you're suicide bombers,
there's a lot of power behind that mantra,
mastered every pillar,
ego's uglier than scut farkus,
i keep it tight in the box like mr. marcus,
my life is hardship, but shit it's all good,
take a cruise in the whip,
I don't miss any hood,
its a rust belt poem,
boarded up homes,
fields full of litter,
but the sunshine is gold,
the lakes looking pretty,
we got babes to match,
outside of that we make do from scratch,
always lacing tracks,
fall is for cuffin,
but summer's for taking ass,
baking babies on her back
shoulda used that soul rap
shuma gorath

2nd Verse
See I'm from the 'Lo and thats where I roam,
but I been around the globe,
living off the flow,
people think it's cold,
but they don't even know,
cuz when the temperature rises,
body bags is flying,
every day on the news,
I wish I was lying,
I lost good friends and better opportunities,
if we could offer our community some kind of unity,
we could break the stigma of utter lunacy,
and everything would be cool with me,
but it's not and I question where I'm living,
under a dark cloud its like a different dimension,
negative projection, casting long shadows,
but they don't wanna battle,
I'm going for the gusto, the artvoice, the times, the village Voice with Michael Musto,
and I'm doing it for Buffalo,
so stop frontin like some gold caps,
but you know that,
Shuma Gorath

3rd Verse:
See I'm my own man,
aint nobody controlling him,
Im on a quest to escape
and make plutonian simmolians,
plus I'm smooth like emolients,
so if you got a problem,
y'all can go and hold my dick,
chip toothin' it,
find me at the waterfront,
sippin vodka out of a fountain cup,
or red solo, han solo, get a hand job then I'm dolo,
frigid freeze for a tease at tiffany's go-go,
y'all aint shit to me, febreeze, got enemies, poppin up in every photo,
more so as I put my life down on these bar napkins,
the gnar captain, chewing caps that's captivating magic,
wrote this in a flashback, looking back at my life and all that had happened,
its a place that sucks you in,
medusa with the sno cap and humans go mad,
Shuma Gorath
Track Name: God Loves, Man Kills
1st Verse:
They said there's no fighting in the war room,
at the same time they're inciting more doom,
and the deserts got lightning with the smoke plumes,
and the food that you're biting could choke you,
In the struggle for power,
they smuggled in powder,
when trouble encountered,
It rained in lead showers,
they absorbed the nazi's and the mafia,
its infiltration and it's fishy like tilapia,
poppy or coca leaves,
grown at speeds,
the same vein forestries,
are chopped down openly,
dopamine's working double shifts,
broken fiends pawn your shit to get a fix,
partnerships to flip these bricks,
starter kits for little kids,
it's as simple as the glamour and glitz,
cock the hammer and twist,
the jar inside the pot,
til it hardens and chips,
and who needs a scholarship,
when you're on par to be rich,
and the hardest thing is,
to keep the product on mist,
its like the garden exists,
this dream can really cloud your common sense of what the consequence is,
just being honest about the garbage that we witness,
you don't want to be on their shit list

2nd Verse:
one thousand, three hundred, eighty, Minutes a day,
locked away below minimum wage,
a fucking animal in a cage,
where you gotta manage not to get raped,
and it's all for selling caine, great,
I call that "Jailbait",
you got a fat cellmate who complains about his prostate and smells like halal plate,
He too scared to bathe,
he won't do it or shave,
basically you're a slave,
corporate stockholders control your fate,
cuz they found a way,
to low-ball the pay,
avoid strikes and unions and vacation days,
and it's safe to say,
we stuck in the age,
of media blitzkriegs,
the intent to have you brainwashed by sixteen,
research Vanguard and blackrock,
they promote rappers to glorify the crackrock,
the sad shock they cast you to die like a matchbox,
the crass cops, targeting people as cash crops,
the madness just cant stop,
they got quotas to fill,
no iota is nil and you know the deal,
cuz in the end god loves, but man kills
Track Name: Chance Occurrence ft. Miggie J.
A Chance Encounter,
a Chance Occurrence,
That we meet at this moment,
I mean a purpose,
It's unsung when someone,
comes from your past,
and you've come undone

1st Verse:
What are the odds that we meet at this juncture,
I heard your voice and the memories just puncture,
Imagine your whole life flashing before your eyes,
and all that sticks out is her vibe, I've tried,
to put those times aside,
but now they're focused,
she speaks but the words melt through me
im choking,
she looks the same as the first time we met,
she had a boyfriend then so friendship was all i could get,
he didnt treat her right,
I wonder what she's thinking,
they would always fight,
he was always drinking,
she would run and hide,
I'll never forget that eveining,
when you crashed your ride and broke your spine,
and he was out there cheating,
I was at the hospital, ECMC, and then at your grannies,
putting the pieces back together,
stormy weather... I'll see you never

2nd Verse:
She brings back memories,
all that chemistry,
chillin everyday, yeah that was heavenly,
I remember how you lost it,
when we went to prom and I burned the back seat in your moms whip,
her smiles effervescent while we recollecting,
catching up on our endeavors and everything precious,
that fleeting feeling surges through my nervous system,
I wanna tell her how I always felt but can't find the rhythm,
Its the wrong time I keep it to myself,
put it in song and rhyme and then i put it on the shelf,
been chilling with eternity watching the ages melt,
thinking how you could have been mine,
but the cards were dealt...
Track Name: Contraband ft. Antics
1st Verse
My friends smoke crack and some bang H,
some ate the mayonnaise and now they got AIDS,
My friend went to war and got shot in the face,
we're doing more and more,
but still don't shit change,
it's all about mediocrity,
living in poverty,
everything's corporate or monopolies,
can't make rent yo that bothers me,
I eat shitty food cuz it's cheap but hardens arteries,
whatever, yo it don't matter,
I don't beat a dead horse but I'll ride it into battle,
and I made this beat of course,
facts like caps on a snapple,
upper echelon if I ain't on the fucking mantle,
you don't bite the hand that feeds,
and you don't fight the hand that bleeds,
it's ironic how we strike the middle east,
and say that we fight for peace,
I be cold' yelling at god in my room,
trying to ace the kobayashi Maru,

I been doin this since 2001
staring at the moon yelling at the sun,
a starchild artifacts and dust,
obelisk in the sky where I'm from,
I been doing this since 2001
a lot of yall aint really saying nuthin,
i be sprayin like some contra guns,
this is contraband,
I came to block the sun

2nd verse
1000 wins no loses,
who the fuck is countin,
death if you doubt him, Im him, crown him,
watch me destroy every nigga that surrounds,
I crush stone known to make gravel out of mountains,
be a man stop slouching,
you look weak,
better stay on your toes or get swept off your feet,
in the streets niggas waitin for vincent vega to speak,
hand me a lead pipe you wanna see a rapper leak,
once in a month, you can feel it for weeks,
shove a dollar in his mouth tell him talk is cheap,
tip toe past me you've awakened the beast,
i keep countin my dollars you keep countin the sheep,
im an animal damnit the man will laugh crack and shatter you
stabbin your cabbage with your clavicle i have to damage you,
the planet is antics, I strap it on a catapult,
launch it in the heavens, watch it land in mary's camel toe
Track Name: From My Cold Dead Hands
1st Verse:
I have the capabilities to escape realities,
craft a scape so casually,
a masterpiece I manually go from start to finish with a single piece of chalk,
you're talking on my language but you can't walk this walk,
I'm really from the bottom but I'm digging to the top,
Was ridiculed for years, now the dap will never stop,
this riddle aint clear cuz I calculate and plot,
fleshing out the frame,
taking everything I Got,
I've read to give more and expect less,
when your dead broke it's hard to keep your head steadfast,
cooking up a remedy, looking up my enemies, mickey slippin chemistry, they wished for the death of me,
hear me shout like echoes in chasms,
leaving traces of ectoplasm,
I seen more than your face could fathom,
built myself up from space and atoms,
traditional shit kicker,
stacy adams,
I don't drink, I bleed liquor, fucked up bladder,
le mort vivant, like the phantom,
the more we want, the more waste of matter,
snakes and adders cant be chaste in candor,
erase the chapter, bold faced in chatter,
they don't want to see me blow,
but they'll chase me after,
destroyer of worlds when I'm not making Anthems,

I wrote this from my cold dead hands,
my own eulogy time to scatter the ash,
life is what you make it, its never as planned,
we all die one day, be the best that you can

2nd verse:
They say it's lonely at the top of whatever you do,
you always gotta watch motherfuckers around you,
some are invisible, some will cut you loose,
some will steal your steez when you go up in the booth,
pull the plug prematurely, take you out early,
the biz is cutthrpat, hands get dirty,
and that picture perfect, gettin gipped playing the chitlin circuit,
this wrist is working, overtime bars, without a permit,
look at what we worship,
status symbols,
pursued without a purpose,
it's never worth it,
yo your meeting Joe Black the way I form tracks, will even have old scratch asking for his throne back,
you get the whole sack,
past your experation,
my lifes dedication, 99% perspiration,
If that don't chill your bones,
adorn my head in thorns and then throw your stones,
honestly, this is all I know,
these cats rap just to rap,
If I didn't I would die,
who's fucking with that?
fucking small fries,
tall lies to project your significance,
Like "Im in the Pic he was In"
I'm always guilty but claiming my innocence,
Track Name: Night of the Sentinels
They say they never really miss you til you dead or your gone,
I hold my head up high while I'm writing this song,
then I'm lighting my Bong trying to right all my wrongs,
I could lose my life and reunite all along,
with everyone that was close to me,
that was supposed to be,
rising to the top in the coaster breeze,
now I blow snot staying close to priests,
soul feels shot, you know they go in 3's,
drugs, dissease, overseas,
seppuku, motors seized,
clapped up, some mysteries,
mystified with these misty eyes,
I remember when they said we only live to die,
before I kick the bucket I hope my list is right,
Im a kiss the sky, kiss the sky,
hold you tight and make a gift of life,
and I still wonder if they never called your number,
would we kick it hitting bubblers like we used to in the summer,
you let your vice control you, console, remold you, a new cold you, that broke your will and unfold you,
but sometimes,
I think that it's intentional,
drone strikes,
night of the sentinels,
GMO's intestinal, vegetables,
sectional views from the pentacle,
tentacles piercing your ventricles,
extra broke, ideals so impenetrable,
born expendable, you're only flexible,
until you snap under the weight that;s inevitable,
purpose illegible,
level the pedestal,
take a deep breath,
and let it go...